Admission Procedures

(1) General Admission Procedures for Foreign Students
Admission Procedures
(2) Required documents
  • * Visa issuance (approval) application
  • * Copy of Business Registration Certificate (or distinct number certificate) of a respective academic institution
  • * Standard Acceptance Letter
  • * Documents proving your family relations
  • * Documents proving the final level of education
  • * Documents proving your financial ability
※ Documents required and application deadlines are different for each university. Refer to each university’s homepage for details.
※ Information related to other universities and majors can be found at
※ Depending on the document (usually a certificate proving the highest level of education) some places might require
translation authentication or an Apostille confirmation.
Apostille: A system that allows foreign documents to be used without the confirmation of the Korean embassy. 117(As of May 2019) countries are involved in the Apostille system. China is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention except for Hong Kong and Macau.
(3) Application Period
For spring semester, applications are accepted during the previous September-November period. For the fall semester, applications are accepted during the May-June period. Many university applications can be found and completed on the Internet. There are two types of undergraduate admission (1) regular entrance requires the completion of a high school education, and (2) transfer between universities requires a certain amount of credits from the transferring school or completion of undergraduate study.
(4) Application Methods
Although most universities use documents and scores to determine a student’s level of competence, some universities prefer to conduct interviews or require that student applicants take specially prepared tests.

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